The numeric results

It is possible that you only want the numeric results, with no plot. In this case, the "Numeric results" option will launch the calculations and return a compressed file with the results for the selected physical properties.

This is a good option, for example, when you would like to run some calculations and compare the data yourself, but you do not want to use web services. However, no information is shown on the web page, and all physical properties are stored in files.

The resulting files

These are provided in the WIG format, the standard for the UCSC Genome Browser, and a widely accepted data format. They are easy to interpret; first, two header lines indicate the properties for that file. Namely, the most important ones are the starting element, the step between two elements, and the span (padding) of the first item.

If you need more help dealing with them, please refer to the UCSC documentation for wiggle files.

A sample wig file