Plot Type

DNAlive supports three types of plots: a 2D plot, a 3D plot and Chromatin Dynamics. Plus, the user can choose only to compute the results and get the raw numerical data, without any plot.

Learn more on each plot:

The "Check for bound proteins" option is not available for the 2D plot.

Not sure about how to choose between the 2D UCSC Genome Browser and DNAlive's 2D plot? Check Input Help

The Chromatin Dynamics option allows you to select a range of the sequence you entered previously. If this chunk is larger than 100 base pairs, the server is unable to display it on your browser, and you will be provided with a download link instead. Why?

Also, the maximum size that our server supports for the Dynamics is 500 base pairs. Please note that if you select a chunk larger than 200 base pairs, the computing time can take some minutes.