Web services information

You can use DNAlive's algorithms as BioMoby web services. They are available for public use, registered at the INB Web Workflow Enactor & Manager and hosted at our own servers.

While you can use INB's page to invoke them, it is highly recommended to use DNAlive as its main interface unless you want to call them from your own services. If you need further information on how to develop clients for the web services, please refer to the official jMoby documentation

We have divided them in two groups: the Physical Properties and the Structural Services. The first ones implement the algorithms for the calculus of the 29 physical properties that can be found in DNAlive. The second ones are helper functions, like computing Transcription Factors or generating DNA 3D structures. Some of them (show3DFeature, for instance) generate outputs that need to be interpreted with the VMD software.

Each group is also exposed as a workflow, showing the natural flow of information in DNAlive. However, the user can run them independently or build up his/her own workflows.

Please click on a service name (the orange box) to learn more about its usage

Physical Properties services

Structural services