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MoDEL is a large library of molecular dynamics trajectories of representative protein structures, prepared with the state-of-the-art technology

MoDEL. Molecular Dynamics Extended Library. v 2.0beta

MMore than 1,700 trajectories of proteins representative of all monomeric soluble structures in PDB have been studied by means of state-of-the-art atomistic molecular dynamics simulations in near-physiological conditions. Trajectories and analysis performed on them are stored in a large data warehouse, which can be queried for dynamic information on proteins, including interactions. This web site is the main entry point to the library,showing the simulated structures basic, pre-made, analysis on them. The web site is in constant update, not only on the simulations available, but also on the analysis and tools included.

MoDEL Professional Platform

MoDEL Professional Platform is customer-oriented service in Computational biology based on MODEL database, the know-how of our team, the computational power of our center.

MoDEL License

MODEL, its documentation, any other auxiliary resources involved in building, installing and running the program (such as graphics, makefiles, and user interface definition files) and its commercial exploitation and distribution rights are licensed to NBD Nostrum Biodiscovery under a worldwide and exclusive agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, all the files in the official source distribution, as well as the source distribution itself.

LIMITED TO ACADEMIC USE: by entering the page and using its resources you are specifically declaring a noncommercial use: this means the program will be used by an academic institution or a non-for-profit research organization for teaching and academic research purposes. In the case of profit organizations please contact the NBD Nostrum Biodiscovery ( team to inquire about commercial use of the software.