Grand Challenges in Computational Biology
Joint BSC - IRB Barcelona Conference

Barcelona, 2-4 June 2008

Preparation Guidelines


Oral Presentations


All presentations are to be in PowerPoint, or PDF formats


  • PC: Microsoft Windows XP and Office

You need to bring a copy of your presentation on a CD or Flash drive (USB Drive, memory stick) and have it loaded at the beginning of your session. You will not be using your own computer for the presentation.

If your presentation needs to call up additional files (e.g., a video file embedded in your PowerPoint presentation), please make sure that that these files work properly and are available for transfer as well.

The allocated time to each talk is indicated at the confrence schedule. Please gauge the length of your presentation according to your allocated time. Chairmen will inform you when you are within a few minutes of the end of your allocated time, and will be instructed to cut-off speakers who run over time.

We cannot assure internet access in the presentation rooms. Please, do not rely on having internet access available during your talk.

Poster presentations

  • Posters will be presented in the hallways next to Sala Prat de la Riba. Poster boards will be identified by the final reference assigned.

  • Posters should be prepared in advance and should be brought in person by the authors. DO NOT MAIL YOUR POSTER.

  • The dimensions of your poster must NOT exceed the 90 cm wide by 180 cm high.

  • For easy identification, posters should have a heading, listing the title and author(s), with lettering for the title at least 4 cm. in height. Poster must be readable from a distance of at least 1 to 2 meters.

  • Materials for assembling posters (tape) will be available. Posters can be fixed on the poster boards from Monday, June 2 at 9.00 am. Posters have to be removed on Wednesday, June 4 before 1.30 pm. Posters will be displayed during all the Conference.

  • The Meeting will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to posters left on the panel beyond the end of the Conference. Posters left on the panel will be destroyed.
  • Authors should be present for further discussion during poster sessions on Monday, 2 (even references) and Tuesday, 3 (odd references).

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