Grand Challenges in Computational Biology
Joint BSC - IRB Barcelona Conference

Barcelona, 2-4 June 2008



There are very few cases of human activities growing faster than Moore's law, and biology is one of them. The exponential growth of sequence and structural databases, and the discovery of the complexity of most biomolecular interactions are giving rise to computational challenges that cannot be addressed with current hardware architectures. In many fields, the limited power of computers is becoming the main obstacle for the advance of biological research.

During this meeting, leaders in the field will review the current state of the art in computational biology, from atomistic simulation to systems biology. We want to present our field as a wide and multidisciplinary scenario, where microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic simulation tools are used with the common objective to shed light on the behaviour of living organisms. We will also learn about the recent advances in computer architecture that are defining the characteristics of supercomputers in the coming decade. Overall, we want this workshop to be a meeting point where computational biologists and computer scientists share information on challenges in computational biology and how these can be answered by new software and hardware solutions.

Modesto Orozco
by The Organizing committee





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