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Proteins function as supra molecular assemblies whose structure must be known in order to understand function and design drugs that prevent disease. But our ability to experimentally determine the structures of large assemblies is still limited, whereas the structures of individual proteins are determined with increasing ease and speed. Computational methods for deriving the structure of a protein assembly from that of its components, or docking procedures, therefore hold great promise. A growing number of groups develop such methods worldwide.

CAPRI (Critical Assessment of PRedicted Interaction) is an international effort, aimed at objectively assessing the performance of these methods by inviting developers to test their algorithms on the same protein targets and objectively evaluating the results. For more details see the official CAPRI web site The 4th CAPRI evaluation meeting follows three very successful CAPRI meetings in 2002 (La Londe-des-Maures, France), 2004 (Gaeta, Italy) and 2007 (Toronto , Canada).

The meeting aims to gather all the groups involved in developing protein-protein docking procedures worldwide. The performance of these procedures will be reviewed based on the most recent results obtained in CAPRI prediction rounds. Each group will also describe their most recent achievements; Round Table discussions will examine major bottlenecks and future directions.

Juan Fernandez Recio
on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

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