Curriculum vitae

Juan Fernández-Recio 

Life Sciences Department
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
C/ Jordi Girona 29
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 934137729
Fax: +34 934137721

Current position

Research Group Leader at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain) since January, 2007. 


Research and professional experience

Scientific publications

See a complete list of my publications in:



  1. Ph.D. Thesis: Apoflavodoxin folding and molecular interactions in proteins: energetics and mutational analysis. Supervisors: Prof. Carlos Gómez-Moreno and Dr. Javier Sancho, University of Zaragoza, Spain (1999) 

  2. Master's Degree Thesis: Study of some aspects of stability and folding pathway of apoflavodoxin from Anabæna PCC 7119 by protein engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Javier Sancho, University of Zaragoza, Spain (1994) 



  • 1993-1994 Collaborative Research Scholarship (Beca de Colaboración), MEC (Spanish Ministry of Science)

  • 1994 Undergraduate Research Award (Beca Investigación desde las Aulas), University of Zaragoza, Spain

  • 1994 Graduate Extraordinary Award (Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura), University of Zaragoza, Spain

  • 1995-1998 Predoctoral Research Fellowship (Beca Investigación FPI), MEC (Spanish Ministry of Science)

  • 2000 Doctorate Extraordinary Award (Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado), University of Zaragoza, Spain

  • 2003 Marie Curie Research Fellowship, European Commission

  • 2005 Ramon y Cajal Program, MEC (Spanish Ministry of Science)

  • 2006 Tenured Assistant Professor Research Accreditation in Life Sciences, AQU (Catalan Agency for the Quality of Universities)

  • 2009 I3 Program Certification, MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)


More information of my research in the group web page at BSC.

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