Warning: PMut predictions are intended for research purposes only, no health or clinical consequences should be inferred from PMut predictions.

Predict the pathology of mutations

Enter a list of mutations on any protein or sequence, and find out their pathology score using PMut predictor.

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Do you have lots of mutations? Submit a batch analysis!

If you want to predict lots of mutations on different proteins, you can submit a batch query.

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We have a repository of 725,596,928 variants on 106,407 proteins that have been analyzed and are predicted to be either pathological or neutral.

e.g. BRCA2, 2vgb, ENSG00000133110, Q04917

Train your own predictor

Train a specific predictor using your own annotated variants and get more precise predictions for your research.

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V. López-Ferrando, A. Gazzo, X. de la Cruz, M. Orozco, J.L. Gelpí;
PMut: a web-based tool for the annotation of pathological variants on proteins, 2017 update.
Nucleic Acids Research 2017.
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Download PyMut to work locally
The PyMut Python module brings all the PMut funtionality to your computer, allowing you to customize and tinker the machine learning process. Check the PyMut tutorial as an example of how to use it.
If you have any question or request about this service, contact us at pmut@mmb.irbbarcelona.org