FlexServ: Protein Flexibility Server

FlexServ is a web-based tool for the analysis of protein flexibility. The server incorporates powerful protocols for the coarse-grained determination of protein dynamics using different versions of Normal Mode Analysis (NMA), Brownian dynamics (BD) and Discrete Dynamics (DMD). It can also analyze user provided trajectories. The server allows a complete analysis of flexibility using a large variety of metrics, including basic geometrical analysis, B-factors, essential dynamics, stiffness analysis, collectivity measures, Lindemann's indexes, residue correlation, chain-correlations, dynamic domain determination, hinge point detections, etc. Data is presented through a web interface as plain text, 2D and 3D graphics.

Jordi Camps, Oliver Carrillo, Agustí Emperador, Laura Orellana, Adam Hospital, Manuel Rueda, Damjan Cicin-Sain, Marco D'Abramo, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Modesto Orozco.
FlexServ: An integrated tool for the analysis of protein flexibility.
Bioinformatics. (2009) 25(13), 1709-1710.