MoDEL: Molecular Dynamics Extended Library

More than 1700 trajectories of proteins representative of monomeric soluble structures in the protein data bank (PDB) have been obtained by means of state-of-the-art atomistic molecular dynamics simulations in near-physiological conditions. The trajectories and analyses are stored in a large data warehouse, which can be queried for dynamic information on proteins, including interactions. Here, we describe the project and the structure and contents of our database, and provide examples of how it can be used to describe the global flexibility properties of proteins. Basic analyses and trajectories stripped of solvent molecules at a reduced resolution level are available from our web server.

Tim Meyer, Marco D'Abramo, Adam Hospital, Manuel Rueda, Carles Ferrer-Costa, Alberto Pérez, Oliver Carrillo, Jordi Camps, Carles Fenollosa, Dmitry Repchevsky, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Modesto Orozco.
MoDEL (Molecular Dynamics Extended Library): a database of atomistic molecular dynamics trajectories.
Structure. (2010) 18(11), 1399-1409.