DNAlive: physical analysis of DNA at the genomic scale

DNAlive is a tool for the analysis and graphical display of structural and physical characteristics of genomic DNA. The web server implements a wide repertoire of metrics to derive physical information from DNA sequences with a powerful interface to derive 3D information on large sequences of both naked and protein-bound DNAs. Furthermore, it implements a mesoscopic Metropolis code which allows the inexpensive study of the dynamic properties of chromatin fibers. In addition, our server also surveys other protein and genomic databases allowing the user to combine and explore the physical properties of selected DNA in the context of functional features annotated on those regions.

Josep Ramon Goñi, Carlos Fenollosa, Alberto Pérez, David Torrents, Modesto Orozco.
DNAlive: a tool for the physical analysis of DNA at the genomic scale.
Bioinformatics. (2008) 24(15), 1731-1732.