AMBER Workshop 2014

We are pleased to announce the next Molecular Dynamics AMBER Workshop which will take place at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona, Spain. The workshop offers a practical introduction to the AMBER Molecular Dynamics Software. Dates: 2-6 of June. Registration number limited to 40. Pre-registration deadline: April 28th.

Entrevista Dr. Orozco: "L'objectiu de la biologia computacional a llarg termini és convertir-nos en avatars 'in silico', models previsibles"

El doctor Modesto Orozco, qui lidera el grup de modelització molecular i bioinformàtica de l'IRB, explica de manera magistral què significa la biologia computacional i quins són els objectius a mitjà i llarg termini.

ABC Meeting 2014

Ascona B-DNA Consortium 2014 Meeting
The ABC (Ascona B-DNA Consortium) initiative was undertaken by an international collaborative effort involving nine research groups. ABC Simulations is a computationally intensive project aimed at carrying out molecular dynamics (MD) simulations including water and counterions on B-DNA oligomers containing all 136 unique tetranucleotide base sequences. Ten different laboratories all over the world have participated in the ABC2 DNA simulations in which the simulations have been extended up to 50ns with improved protocol.

Spain at cutting edge of international supercomputing

Supercomputing and eScience -- Consolider Project

The State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela and the Director of the National Supercomputing Centre of Barcelona (Spanish acronym: BSC-CNS), Mateo Valero, presented the most important scientific results from the Consolider Ingenio 2010 "Supercomputing and eScience" (Spanish acronym: SyeC) project on Tuesday at the headquarters of the State Secretariat of R&D+i.